Brand Story


There are many different monsters in the world, one of which is living in our company - ZK TECH is called JUMP MONSTER. This baby grown to be a bright orange body, a big head loaded on its tiny body with a blue bowtie on its neck. This gentle monster having a pair of small horns and big perky eyes impresses us as energetic, dependable and invincible. It carries a strong spirit to help you; specializing in solving your battery troubles by using its magic weapon - JUMP STARTING power that offers solution to rescue and revitalize your automobile batteries. Whenever you have problems with your automobile, JUMP MONSTER will be there to help. JUMP MONSTER also associate with FORZA who is the most powerful brand in the company. The two together make overwhelming force in Auto parts industry, with which ZK TECH always maintains as one of the best in the development of JUMP STARTER and chargers products.

Believe in the ZK's power of brands, the potential is unlimited!