Social Responsibility

ZK TECH strives to be “a company that society wants to exist.” Through our diverse array of products, and the processes required to produce, sell and use them, we impact society in many ways. Whether developing green power boosting starter for lead-acid battery products, minimizing the environmental impact of, or assisting communities in need, ZK TECH seeks to be a responsible company and community partner. We promote the participation of all the departments and staff, and exchange opinions mutually. We regard the CSR as not only our duty, but also as producing more opportunities. As part of our Chinese culture effort to embody this ideal, we have developed an approach to conducting business that seeks to uphold the principles and responsibilities of good corporate citizenship.


Fundamental Principle:

- Adhere to honesty, responsibility, health and scientific development

- Create customer value and effectively meet customers’ demands

- Provide a platform and resource to encourage the staff to create value, make achievement and progress with our enterprise together

- Encourage professional manager to continuously create value for our company

Enterprise & cooperative partner:

- Honest, trustworthy, and mutual respect;

- Mutual benefit and common development;

- Health, harmony, honesty a

nd self-discipline

Enterprise and society & environment:

- Adhere to business ethics and comply with social ethics;

- A positive commitment to social responsibility, fulfill their social obligations of citizenship;

- Be low-key and pragmatic, and maintain a good communication;

- Make the best use of resources and focus on environmental protection.


Charity activity in Meichuan primary school at Qingyuan, Guangdong

Relationship between enterprise and staff:

- Win trust by ability and moral character;

- Win reward by devotion;

- Offer a platform in order to facilitate the staff development.


Staff Training


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