Corporation Profile


DongGuan ZhongKang Technology Electronics CO., LTD ("ZK-TECH") started operation with Factory site A in 1997 based in GuangDong Province. With headquarter near DongGuan City, ZK-TECH is one of the leading Environment Friendly Green Technology Company in China. ZK-TECH owns two well known brand names "FORZA" and "JUMP MONSTER" that are sold internationally. With 18 years of continuous campaigns, ZK-TECH company products have accomplished various level of success and rewards in the market place and furthermore, have extended into other markets. Current product lines include DSL SPLITTER/FILTER, HIGH FREQ TRANSFORMER, INDUCTOR, CHARGER/ADAPTOR, and AUTO/CAR ACCESSORIES.

In the past few years, ZK-TECH has turned to automation technology to help combat cost. Currently ZK-TECH has a staff count of 800 people strong and factory sites coverage near 20,000 sq. meter. Production factory Site A & B both located in DongGuan City, and another new site started operation in 2013 based in GuangXi Province. All sites have received ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 certifications, meanwhile, most products have achieved safety standards like ETL, UL, CS, CB, SAA, VDE, CSA, BS, PSE and CCC.

ZK-TECH operation mission genuinely based on Ancient Chinese practice. The "DCC" philosophy continues to aid ZK-TECH to manage overall business performance and explore new opportunities. The "DING" means honestly and good moral principles. Next " CHENG" means trustworthiness & credibility and lastly "CHANG" means prosperity and affluence. Put together all these letters, the "DCC" philosophy guides ZK-TECH on the path to be one the leading company in China. Today, ZK-TECH has the right balance that help the company to reach the milestone achievements. ZK-TECH currently has sales office in Boston and Hong Kong SAR, and it will continue to spearhead into West and Central USA. As for EU, the German site will be in operational by Q4 2014 as our main hub warehouse and RMA facility. In our CM business operation, ZK-TECH will continue to stride forward with global partner PULSE electronics as their best contract manufacturer in China.

Moving forward, ZK-TECH will advance forward to support global environment initiatives in the power management/technologies, reduces carbon footprint and generation, push for higher technology innovation, and enhance customer values. So please come join us and ride this "DCC" express train to reach our common ambitions together.